Listeria Outbreak

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Listeria Outbreak

In light of the Listeria outbreak that has been associated with Enterprise Foods and Rainbow Chicken, please feel free to view our official correspondence circulated to all retailers HERE.

In Summary:

  • As part of our Food Safety Program, which is audited annually by Intertek, we perform microbiological testing on (ready-to-eat) end product for various pathogens, including Listeria Monocytogenes.
  • As part of our microbiological sampling program, we also test different surfaces (such as drains and fans) for the presence of Listeria.
  • All testing is done by a SANAS accredited laboratory, namely PathCare Group NC Dietrich, Voigt, Mia & Partners [accreditation number: T0498].
  • Testing for the presence of Listeria has ALWAYS formed part of our microbiological sampling program.
  • To date, Listeria has not been detected in our production facility or in any of our products that have been sampled.

At Heydenrychs food safety is paramount. The primary goal of the company is to ensure that the food we produce will not cause harm to our customers when it is prepared and eaten according to its intended use.

We have dedicated suppliers and strict specifications for all raw materials, ingredients, packaging and end products. Our foods are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions, and in doing so, we trust that you will continue to use our products with confidence. 

Facts about Listeria

With all the misinformation circulating social media, please find the following useful link below on listeriosis (i.e. what it is, what causes it, what are the symptoms, how it's treated and how it's prevented):