Biltong Starter Pack

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Ever wanted to make your own biltong? Well now you can!

Get everything you need to make your own biltong with our Biltong Starter Pack. With this kit you get portioned beef topside or silverside, the required seasoning and some biltong hanging hooks.

Once you've basted and seasoned, simply dry the biltong in an isolated dry space or specially constructed dry chamber and you're good to go!

1.5kg Beef Topside/Silverside (approx. 6-8 pieces)
200g Safari Legendary Seasoning
6 Hanging Hooks


  1. Cut the meat into strips an weigh
  2. Calculate spice required (45g / kg meat)
  3. (Optional) Add Worcester sauce or Vinegar (50-100g / kg meat)
  4. Mix the meat and spice well, cover and refrigerate overnight
  5. Hang to dry